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Monday to Saturday
Puerta del Sol
4,9 / 5

What you will Discover

Step into the origins of the wonderful Bilbao and discover the secrets and stories of its oldest part with Free Tour Bilbao – Old City.

Find out how and why overnight a small village became one of the most important territories in the Basque Country.

Meet the whys behind its most unique buildings, the evolution of the city in recent years, and how it changed its grey skies to regain the life of its estuary by reinventing itself from scratch.

Travel to the oldest Bilbao, discover the key moments that changed the city’s history and walk along the historic streets of the Old Bilbao. Discover what the ′′ bilbainadas ′′ are, which were several and great. Get closer to the culture of the Basque people and discover the secrets behind every corner of the Old Ciity in this tour guided.

Arriaga Theater, the Seven Streets of Bilbao, the Plaza Nueva, the Cathedral of Santiago, or the Market of the Estuary will be some of the stops of this trip. But, Many more corners, curiosities and stories from Old Bilbao will appear along the way!

A Free Tour for the oldest Bilbao you can’t miss if you’re visiting! Don’t hesitate anymore and book your free tour Bilbao tour Bilbao. You decide the price at the end of the Tour!

Book your free walking tour Bilbao of the Austrians now, get to know the city in a different and special way and understand the present and the past times of Bilbao.!



The Origins
Middle Ages Bilbao
Changing a tiny village
Industrial Revolution arrives to Bilbao
Speaking Euskera
Basque Culture
8 Basque Surnames
Time to change the City
And many more surprises!


Punto de encuentro
Monday to Saturday  
Arriaga Theatre.
Light Blue Umbrella. Vive Bilbao Tours. We recommend you to arrive 10 minutes before the beginning.
Book for free in our website. It will take you 1 minute.
Free Tour You will decide it at the end based on your experience and satisfaction. As easy as fair 😉
Punto de encuentro


On our first day in Bilbao, we booked an English speaking walking tour of Bilbao. We were welcomed to join and our guide, who spent the next 2 hours introducing us to some history, interesting stories and fun facts about Bilbao. Entertaining and informative, I recommend Leaf Tours Bilbao to anyone visiting Bilbao.
Warm welcome to Bilbao
AnneMaree H
This tour was really great and the tour guides all seem to be young, energetic, and filled with interesting knowledge about the city. Our guide was all of the above! We had a small group from US and UK so Xabi did our tour in English. I really enjoyed the afternoon of sightseeing and fun facts and highly recommend this tour while in Bilbao!
Great overview of important sights in an entertaining way!
Phfranks Atlanta, Georgia


Where does the Free Tour Bilbao - Old City starts and end?

Free Tour Bilbao – Old City starts in Arriaga Theatre under our Light Blue Umbrella and ends in the same spot.

What is the duration of the tour?

The duration is approximately 2H15′ but it can vary depending on the group or the guide. This duration is an approximation.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, if you want to guarantee your spot in the Tour you need to book.  It is free and it just takes 1 minute.

How do I find the Tour Guide ?

You will find us very easily thanks to our Light Blue Umbrellas in Arriaga Theatre. You will maybe see different colours, but do not get confused, the light blue is the good one! 😉 We recommend you to arrive 10 minutes before the beggining to avoid any problem that could take place.

Do I have to arrive in advance?

We recommend you to arrive to the meeting point 10-15 minutes before the beginning of the Tour. If you do it we will be able to manage the groups in advance and so start on time.

What if it rains?

Do not worry about the weather conditions! If it rains, if it snows or if it thunders or hails, We will be there for You. We know how valuable your time is in Bilbao, so we will not leave you alone just because the weather is not good. Reservation is needed.

How can you work like a free tour company?

Our Free Tour Bilbao are tours whose prices are open and not set. This is because we want you to decide how much we have added to your experience of Bilbao. At the end of the Tour you will value the job of our Guides and you will decide the price for the Tour. A concept as easy and fair.

Our Guides are proffesionals who show Bilbao with quality and passion and we believe in your good judgement. That is why it is possible and that is why we will offer a close, fair and enjoyable way of Discovering Bilbao!

Are all the free walking tour companies the same?

Of course not. That would be like saying that all the restaurants of spanish food in Bilbao are the same. What makes the difference is the ambient, the quality, the expertise and professionalism among some others factors.

For sure you will want the best experience for your holidays. Take it with one of the best valued free tour companies in Bilbao with more than 2 years of experience in the city: Vive Bilbao Tours.